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TechSpot is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users. Ask a question and give support. Join the community here. Join the community here , it only takes a minute. Hello community, I find myself in a strange situation: I describe what is connected and where: No antenna, no RJ Just power supply V. This configuration for HDMI 2 has been working already some years, but yesterday suddenly stopped working. The TV recognizes that something is connected but the screen remains black.

On the computer, on the device manager there is nothing recognized no unknown devices I tried connecting other HDMI cables, but the result is the same: This connection was successful either.

After this issue, I also tried updating the firmware of the TV to the latest. But it didn't solve the issue. I also tried unplugging the UE55F from the power supply many hours to discard that it was a loop ground issue. The result in this case was also dissapointing, no solution. So, I don't understand why is issue happening, as I didn't modify any software before.

I've even formatted the C: After a clean reinstall of Windows 8 it's not working anyway. Could anybody help me? I don't know what else I should try to solve this. Power off the pc and then connect it via HDMI to the tv. You should see the 'new device autodiscovery' install the correct driver. After that, is not working yet. The guy told me that the issue is the communication between graphic card and TV. Signal is there, but screen remains black, as before.

He explained me that the devices don't agree on resolution to show. He said he couldn't do anything else, and he adviced me to install an older driver for the graphic card. How can I do it? First, what resolution does the TV support and then can you set the PC to match?

I've had the problem where the TV resolution is out of range of the graphics card. There would be a display on the screen, as per usual, up to the point where Windows booted up. The screen after that stayed black. I used a monitor to select a compatible resolution and then connected the TV to tweak the resolution. Progress seems to be more HDMI sockets at the expense of other connectors.

Going back to try a previous driver sounds a good idea. There are some posts about the firmware update for your TV resulting in a big time lag before the Smart Hub kicks in. On Ubuntu is the TV not recognized anyway. I don't know whether your last sentence is a statement or a question?

Are you saying that the TV fails to boot with Ubuntu too? It's an statement, a fact. Yes, I tried all 4 ports of the TV. It's not clear how you have things set up: I was thinking the problem was the TV connected to the graphics card with just an HDMI lead and failing to pick up the video. Re-reading your first post suggests that the set up is complex. It's an expensive graphics card so are you setting up a dual screen system for gaming?

Firstly I'd roll back to the earlier successful video driver. Next, connect just the monitor using DVI to see if video displays.

Hopefully, the results will help move things along. It's getting even worse. Now even the other TV isn't recognized as screen and nothing shows there.

It looks like it's a problem of the graphic card. If this was a resolution problem the DVI connection wouldn't work either. How about downloading some older drivers from the MSI site for your graphics card and trying them out? Other than that you could make use of your free W10 upgrade. There are folks who want to stick with W7 forevermore but not many of us have affection for W8 or W8.

If the DVI doesn't work anymore either then the graphics card's likely to have died on you. Check to see if it's still under warranty. DVI is working fine. Now it's even worse, because both TVs aren't recognized. I updated to Windows 10 clean installation after formatting C: I'd take out the graphics card and look it over very carefully. When mine have died or played up constantly some of the cylinder shaped capacitors on the mini motherboard have lost their flat top or "blown".

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Acer V203h Driver Download

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Acer Display Resolution Problem? Polygon Feb 21, , 6: In the instruction manual, it says that it supports: The resolution I have is for 4: I want to use the x resolution because it is a resolution for widescreen monitors, unfortunately, Windows XP Home Edition will not let me use the x Resolution. It will allow me x and x resolutions, but these are way too big for my monitor. I have also tried using a standard monitor type driver for my monitor, but it did not list a "Flat Panel Display x resolution. I checked both the PC Manufacturer of my laptop, and the Graphics Card manufacturer of the graphics card.

Acer V V203H (ET.LGP0D.020)

Acer V203h Driver Download

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