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We review the top-tier configuration of the new Lenovo ThinkPad Ts. Besides a healthy amount of memory as well as storage and a new Kaby Lake processor, the Chinese manufacturer also implements a brighter WQHD panel. We are a bit surprised by the weak cooling performance, because the ULV processor cannot utilize its full potential. For the original German review, see here.

The construction is a bit more compact compared to the regular ThinkPad T, but the biggest difference is the weight. Our test model is significantly lighter thanks to more expensive materials, which improves the mobility.

Our test sample is also equipped with a different WQHD panel. There is no corresponding Topseller version for regular customers so far, but it should be a couple of hundred Euros more expensive. We will obviously compare the ThinkPad Ts with the new T in this article. The latter was able to reduce the gap a bit thanks to the updated chassis. You can immediately recognize the dark chassis as a ThinkPad and it does not attract any unwanted attention in productive environments.

The base unit is made of magnesium and there are no visible material transitions — you can call it a unibody construction. Only the bottom panel can be removed. High-end metal constructions still have a small advantage, but the ThinkPad Ts leaves an extremely sophisticated impression.

The more expensive materials also have a positive effect on the weight as well as the stability. The stability is also very good and you have to apply a lot of pressure to provoke some warping. However, the surfaces are rock solid during normal use. We cannot criticize Lenovo for the build quality, either. The two metal hinges allow a maximum opening angle of degrees and are well adjusted, but they cannot prevent bouncing completely.

You should still use both hands to open the lid. The lid, which is made of a carbon fiber plastic hybrid, is still a bit weak. Especially pressure along the edges quickly results in ripples on the screen and clouding at the bottom, respectively. The panel can also be twisted with some force, but this does not affect the picture. There is no special maintenance hatch and the batteries are not accessible from the outside, either.

Best Displays , for University Students. We want to compare the two models directly. Despite similar dimensions, the two laptops have completely different constructions. We already mentioned that the more expensive Ts is comparable to a unibody construction, while the regular T has a kind of "chassis tub" with a cover panel on top.

The different materials also affect the haptics, because the plastic of the T is noticeably rougher and less sophisticated. The Ts has a clear advantage in this respect, which is obviously the case for the weight as well. It is therefore the better choice when you are often on the go. All comparison devices have similar footprints and the height does not differ all that much, either. The most compact laptop is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, although the new model review soon should have an even bigger advantage.

All in all, however, all systems can easily be carried around. Independent journalism is made possible by advertising. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible but we intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers and support us! The port also supports power delivery 2. Our test model is also shipped with a corresponding watt USB-C power adapter.

However, the location at the center of the right side is a problem. You cannot use an external mouse on the right side and the cable is annoying here in general — it would have been much better towards the rear.

Otherwise, there is not much to criticize. Lenovo equips the Ts with a lot of ports, including a regular Slim-Tip power connector regular power adapters work as well and even a full-size Ethernet connector. The ports on the right side are a bit squeezed, and it can be tricky to use all of them at the same time.

Then there is also the conventional docking port at the bottom, which is compatible with older models. The SD card reader card does not stick out is located at the front of the left side. The ThinkPad Ts is therefore on par with many other modern notebooks. Lenovo also offers the optional Wi-Gig card Intel , which is required for the Wi-Gig docking station.

The Wi-Fi adapter supports all common standards including We repeated the test a couple of times, but the results were similar within a certain range.

Nothing changed for the webcam. The HD module does its job for video conferences, but you should use the smartphone or a real camera for decent snapshots. An external headset is often not required, because the dual-array microphone records voices loud and clear.

Lenovo did not change the security equipment compared to the previous ThinkPad Ts, which is not an issue due to the comprehensive features. The touch fingerprint scanner is very fast and reliable, companies are happy about the SmartCard reader and the slot for a Kensington Lock keeps the laptop at its place. Lenovo implements a TPM 2. All components and ports, respectively, can be configured individually in the BIOS. Lenovo offers numerous optional accessories and the docking stations are particularly interesting.

Lenovo still equips the Ts with a conventional docking port at the bottom, which is compatible with all products from the last couple of years.

Lenovo also offers USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 solutions, but they are not a perfect match for the Ts due to the inconvenient location of the corresponding port at the ThinkPad Ts. The whole bottom panel of the ThinkPad T is very easy to remove. You just have to loosen 5 screws and there are no annoying plastic clips.

Even inexperienced users should not have any problems to access the components. You can also clean the fan. The ThinkPad Ts is shipped with a three-year on-site service in Germany and Austria, which also includes a bring-in international service.

It is possible to expand the warranty period up to 5 years as well as the scope of the service like accidental protection. The keyboard of the ThinkPad Ts was not changed compared to the predecessor. It is still one of the best inputs in the mobile segment. The slightly concave keys of the black chiclet keyboard once again provide a rich feedback and frequent writers will be very happy. The key travel is also very generous for such a slim system and the whole keyboard area is very sturdy.

However, the typing noise of the space bar is a bit loud. Compared to the ThinkPad T, we noticed a slightly higher resistance and the actuation force is a bit higher as well. However, the differences are small and will come down to your personal preference or what you are used to. Both models are definitely very good. Lenovo also uses a two-stage white illumination for this model, but we would have liked a brighter third level.

The area of the touchpad including the dedicated TrackPoint buttons did not change, either. However, the touchpad is now a so-called Precision touchpad, where inputs are processed by Windows directly and not a third-party driver.

The Synaptics driver panel only offers a fraction of the features from previous models; all important settings can be adjusted in the Windows settings. Both mouse replacements work very well in general and an external mouse is not really necessary. However, we can still see room for improvements, especially compared to the recently reviewed T There is a small strip between the touch-sensitive surface and the TrackPoint buttons, which does not accept inputs and wastes space.

There might still be some panel lottery going on in this generation; you will only know what panel you have once you start the device and see the ID. The average luminance is decent at nits and the black value is also very good at just 0. Subjectively, we already like the picture ex-works, but there is a slight green cast.

The panel does not use PWM to control the luminance. Once this item is deactivated, has to be done for every Windows profile individually , the full luminance can also be used on the go. Our measurements show the previously mentioned green cast, but also pretty high deviations for the grayscale and colors compared to the sRGB reference color space.

Average DeltaE values of 8. The color temperature is also a bit too warm at Kelvin ideal: We can see the potential of the display after a calibration with the professional software CalMAN and the X-Rite i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer.

Once calibrated, we can see improvements across all measurements. The average deviations for the grayscale and the colors drop below the important limit of 3 and the green cast is gone. Both the color temperature and the gamma value are close to their respective ideal values as well.

The panel of the ThinkPad Ts should therefore definitely be calibrated. If you cannot calibrate the panel by yourself, you should use our icc-profile, which is linked in the box above. The solution has been the optional WQHD screens so far, and this is here the case as well. These are not dream results by any means, but much better compared to the FHD counterparts. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: The Ts works pretty well outdoors thanks to the matte surface and the high luminance.

Lenovo Bright Eye Pc Camera Driver Download

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Lenovo Bright Eye Pc Camera Driver Download

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