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Kodak 305 Photo Printer Driver Windows 10 Install Update

The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user tothe presence of important operating and maintenance servicing instructions in theliterature accompanying the appliance.

The socket outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. This symbol mark is for EU countries only. Never connect to any outlet or power supply having a different voltage or frequency. When the printing unit is not closed firmly, it may open duringtransportation and it may cause injury or damage. It may degrade the print quality or cause an error.

Make sure to check the accessories. Carefully pull the printer up and out of the box. Pull the printer straight up as shown in the figure. Emptythe tray frequently to prevent jamming the strips at theprint outlet. Press thebutton to release the printing unit. Do not open the cover during normal use. Then, secure thetray by engaging the lower hooks in the holes on bothsides of the box 2. Hold and pull the handle on the lower part of trim tray toremove.

See pages 10 to Install the ribbon to this printer. See pages 12 to Make sure to close the printing unit when the setup procedure is completed. When you pinch the latches on the paper flange, the stoppers retract into the shaft.

Attach the flanges to the print paper with the stoppers retracted. Make sure that the flanges are attached to the print paper securely, and release thelatches. Make sure the paper roll is firmly installed. If you push down on the printing unit or the door when they are open, this printermay fall and it can cause damage or injury. Otherwise, a paper jam may occur. Before installing the ribbon cassette into this printer, load the ribbon in the ribboncassette.

It is recommended to clean the thermal head to keep good print quality when you replacethe print paper and ribbon. When a new paper is loaded and the printing unit is closed with the power turnedon, the paper will be automatically fed and cut. Otherwise, you may get injured. They may be discolored becauseof chemical reaction. Connect the printer and a personal computer with a USB cable.

When theindicator stops blinking, the printer resumesprinting automatically. Make sure that the power is turned on before opening the printing unit. Place a piece of transparent adhesive cellophane tape on the center of the ribbon. Install the ribbon cassette in the printer. Are you turning off the power during printing procedure? The image is not printed. Wearing gloves at cleaning is recommended to prevent injury. Make sure to turn off the power before cleaning.

Ventilation inletFilter inside Clean the filter part and the ventilation inlet with a vacuum as shown right. Take the ribbon cassette out of the printer. Soft and clean clothClean the black part of the roller. Wipe the black part carefully with cloth dampened with a small amount of alcohol. Wipe the whole roller by turning it. Wipe the parts carefully with cloth dampened with a small amount of alcohol.

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Kodak 305 Photo Printer Driver Windows 10

Kodak 305 Photo Printer

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Kodak 305 Photo Printer Drivers

Kodak 305 Photo Printer Driver Windows 10

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