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Canon S800 Printer Driver Windows 7 Install Update

Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build.

We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. Trying to install x86 drivers for Canon S printer on x64 Win7. Windows 7 Pro x64 1 , Win7 Pro X64 2.

Marina Del Rey, CA. Both printers are now installed successfully on the Win7 machine. Drivers were installed successfully, and there was no problem at all. EXE didn't actually install the printer, but it did plant the proper drivers where Win7 could then find them. I then unplugged the USB cable and re-plugged it, and this time the Win7 new device discovery repeated and WAS now able to locate the necessary x64 drivers planted by the EXE I mentioned above and now the installation of the MF was completed successfully.

You simply have to check the x86 radio button, push the OK button, and then navigate to where the INF file is located for the x86 driver. Then, when the network view of the Win7 machine from the WinXP machine is opened, and the shared printer s selected and right-clicked, selecting the "Connect This is how it is supposed to work. Instead, I went through the above "Additional Drivers" process on Win7 as I described above, navigating to the expanded folder from this bit driver file which contained the needed INF file.

And, the process was successful and the second x86 driver was now marked as "installed YES". And exactly as is supposed to happen, Win7 shipped across the newly installed x86 driver to WinXP, the USB port was created and the connection established to the virtual USB printer, and bingo I wanted to repeat this exact step 6 above, but for the second printer, the S However this is unacceptable for use in the "Additional Drivers" dialog of Win7, when trying to add that second x86 driver for the S that's already installed successfully in x64 mode on Win7.

In fact, if I try to go through the "Connect I could not see any way to get the S locally attached to the Win7 machine to be usable as a printer on the WinXP machine. I figured that if the true x86 driver was already installed on WinXP, then you'd think Win7 wouldn't need to ship the x86 driver over at "Connect Instead, only the connection process would need to be performed and the driver already installed on WinXP used , and this should work.

Well, not the case unfortunately. Win7 never really cared that the needed print driver was already installed on WinXP. It still wanted to ship its own second x86 driver across and it didn't have one to ship.

WinXP seemed to be happy, and no errors were presented. I then tried to print a test page, and unfortunately the document simply landed in the WinXP print queue for the printer and never went anywhere. Obviously it was NOT shipped across to Win7 for printing. I now have decided that this is the wrong thing to do, as the Win7 machine isn't really a "print server", where this kind of port designation might be appropriate.

Of course what I really wanted to create was the same type of USB port that got built automatically for the other MF printer from the successful "Connect But there's no way to manually do this creation of the USB connection.

It appears to be done by WinXP when "Connect This resulted in my downloading a file named: So far, this seemed promising. INF Turns out this is a well known and annoying Win7 issue faced and eventually conquered by a number of other users.

Actually, this is only a 1-time problem and once you solve it and let Win7 install it you will never be asked for it again for any other "Additional Drivers" dialogs you may go through for other printers. Well, no such luck. Instead, I now got another request from Win Win7 continues to ask me for that driver. But regardless, it's failing to find whatever it really wants to find. So whereas the x86 driver for the MF installs perfectly as a second driver using "Additional Drivers" on Win7, there is no such ability for the S Hence my request for help.

For reference by anybody who cares to help out and suggest how I might alter my approach and hopefully achieve success which is to be able to print to the Win7-hosted S from the WinXP machine , I'm also attaching a ZIP file of the two INF files I mentioned above. Many thanks in advance for any printer expert who might have some thoughts. It looks like the proper driver file for this printer was the other file I'd found through Google I don't know why Microsoft support latched onto that file for me with that hardware id of SA09 for Win7.

So, just on a flyer, I copied that particular folder off of the bit Win7 installation DVD, which looked like it was the official bit Win7 installer for the S I then repeated my "Additional Drivers" process, pointing to this new folder. Well, this time it gave me a totally different totally fatal error Something about "cannot find driver for the proper architecture".

If this was the bit Win7 driver, maybe that's not acceptable as the second driver for a printer where the bit Win7 driver is already installed as the first driver. Maybe the second driver has to be for a completely different OS?

Anyway, this attempt to use the S driver folder from the bit Win7 installation DVD has apparently also failed totally, though in a different way. I've thought about the possibility of reversing the hosting of the S printer I haven't tried that yet, but I'm not sure I can have a bit WinXP feed a bit Win7 with the "Additional Drivers" process done on the WinXP machine, adding a bit second driver with a bit primary driver.

Or, maybe the already installed x64 driver for the S that's on the Win7 machine will be acceptable, and WinXP will not need to ship a driver over. Haven't tried this yet. But it's an interesting thought. Drivers, Updates, Downloads According to Microsoft, it will automatically install when you plug in the USB cable from the printer into the computer. Originally Posted by DeanP.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words Initially, x86 driver is shown as "installed - NO". I check the x86 driver box, to begin the process of installing that second driver.

It didn't seem like there was any difference at least in the folder contents for all of the five presumed duplicate folders. But now I'm thinking maybe they were actually for five different architectures, and I picked the wrong one Maybe four of them are genuinely inappropriate and only one is correct.

I don't know why there are main sub-folders 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the Installation DVD, but they all do appear to contain the identical driver folders.

So that's not the explanation for the current problems. It really was far more complex than you'd think it needed to be.

So surely the culprit here really still goes back to the Canon packaging of the drivers for the S which they gave to Microsoft for Win7. They're just not put together the same way they are for other printers. This may explain why what they were able to eventually give to Microsoft for Win7 was late-to-the-game. Here's the story leading to the ultimate success!

Again, in my opinion the difficulties really stemmed from how Canon had not properly packaged the drivers for the S that they gave to Microsoft INF, which gets installed only once in Win7 and then once installed subsequently supports the installation of all other true x86 printer drivers. So this is a preliminary obstacle that had to be overcome. INF has already been previously prompted for and installed by me at that time, so once installed it's not asked for ever again.

This step results in the following prompt for the primary core printer driver: This step results in the following prompt for the secondary Canon printer driver: And the x86 driver now finally shows as "installed - YES", which was my goal from the beginning. I then right-clicked on it and selected "connect", and watched as the now finally installed second x86 driver for the S on the Win7 machine got shipped across from the Win7 machine to the WinXP machine and the "Canon Inkjet S on Gateway" printer got installed successfully on the WinXP machine.

And now, sure enough, printing a test page on the WinXP bit machine for the S printer which is locally USB connected to the Win7 bit machine truly did print the page!!! So actually, when that S printer was first plugged into the Win7 bit machine and got detected as "new hardware", and the x64 printer drivers got automatically installed by Win7, what must have been happening is that Win7 must have communicated with the Microsoft support site to retrieve the PRNCA00t.

Just one more point Like all other drivers as it turns out it is also located on the actual bit Win7 Installation DVD. So it actually can be obtained from that source directly, rather than just where I found it on the Microsoft support site. Also, it obviously is also kept in that driver repository folder in C: ALL drivers for any devices are kept in the FileRepository folder on an installed Win7 system both x64 and x Also note that all of the directories and secondary drivers that I hunted down over several days for the x86 environment had apparently been processed silently and automatically in x64 mode when the S printer was first plugged into the Win7 x64 machine and installed as a "local USB printer".

In other words, for every x86 driver folder from my manual process described earlier, there also was an existing x64 folder from the automatic Win7 x64 process of installing the S Had I understood more then what I understand now, this whole story would not have been the revelation it's turned out to be: So, for the future, I've now got stored away all four of the needed x86 driver folders for the x86 environment, in case I have to reinstall in the future: You can also obtain the absolute latest drivers e.

You search for the item you want e. This places it in the download basket. When you're done, view the download basket by clicking on the "view basket" icon at the upper-right, and then push the DOWNLOAD button to receive the driver or other file.

You can't get there with Firefox. Just in passing, now that a few days have gone by and I've had time to reflect I just replied to and filled out the web survey from Canon tech support which I had received.

Canon S800 Printer Driver Windows 7

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Disclaimer Disclaimer Canon U. All statements, technical information and recommendations in this manual and in any guides or related documents are believed reliable, but Uninstalling the Printer Driver Basic Printing Congratulations on purchasing your new Canon Printer! This chapter describes basic features of your S photo printer and provides instructions on how to set up and print documents and photographs. The following topics are presented in this chapter: However, if your computer has access to multiple printers, you can set the S as the default main printer. Printing Photographs For highest quality results when printing digital photographs with your S photo printer, it is recommended that you use Canon Photo Paper Pro. To print photographs from a Windows application The Canon S photo printer will generate spectacular results for printing photographs, especially when used with Canon specialty media.

Canon S800 Driver

Canon S800 Printer Driver Windows 7

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