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Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 Driver Download Install Update

Joe Siegler Dec 8, , 9: Last night I developed a problem that I can't figure out, and it brings up a Bluetooth issue I don't know the answer to.

Up until last night all this ran fine. A little background - about two moths ago I really did a number on the transceiver - I had the computer on the floor, and hit it with my chair.

It looks like this. Bent, but still worked. See the pic below for what's left of it vs a new one in the back. This is the "Tranceiver v3. Anyway, back to now.. I had walked away from the computer, and when I came back and woke up the machine, I couldn't get my mouse to work. Tried any number of issues, logoff, reboot, resync of Bluetooth transceiver..

I figured the damage I caused the thing finally forced it to stop working. Certainly wasn't the batteries on the mouse, as I know that was fine. Right when I had broken the transceiver, I went and bought one off of Ebay as a replacement, however, my old one worked still despite looking bad. So I plugged in the transceiver I bought off of Ebay, and figured I'd pair things up, and I'd be good to go again.

I'm wondering if that was the kind of mouse the person had who I got this from. Anyway, no variant of uninstalling Intellipoint, hitting the various bluetooth buttons and whatnot will let this new tranceiver see my Laser Mouse They never get synced up.

I went and checked the mouse's manual, nothing there about it. Googled for the problem, and all I could find were older issues. Any ideas as to how I can get these things paired up? Is my theory that these little mice transceivers are meant to be used for only the gadget they shipped with valid? If that's true, is there a way to get the transceiver to forget what device it's paired with so I can do something new? I've tried the buttons unless there's a "factory reset" for it I don't know about.

Sorry for the mash of ideas - I'm not sure where to go with this. More about bluetooth microsoft laser mouse problem. Joe Siegler Dec 11, , TheViper Dec 14, , Ferris has the day off so I'm subbing in. I do believe they are paired to reduce interference in high capacity areas but short of breaking it into tiny pieces I'm unsure how else to get it back to how the original factory settings yet I get the impression that's not the original settings you're looking for.

Can't find your answer? Joe Siegler Dec 14, , That should free it up to add a new device. Joe Siegler Dec 15, , I solved this problem. The dongle from MS I talked about I could not get to forget what it was paired with. I gave up on that.

I found a dirt cheap generic dongle on Amazon that cost 75 cents. Plugged it in, it paired up, and bam - I'm back in biz with the mouse I really like. TheViper Dec 15, , 4: Well, that's definitely one way to fix the problem. And now you have a couple of Bluetooth dongles to toy around with, take apart or use for hammer target practice.

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Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 Driver Download

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Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 Driver Download

Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. You can edit your question or post anyway. When used as a mouse the device features a standard form factor and laser tracking. You can flip the mouse over to reveal presentation controls such as forward, back and volume adjustment. The mouse even features a built-in laser pointer, making it a great option for professionals who give presentations. The mouse features a wireless Bluetooth interface. This lets it connect to any computer with a Bluetooth module, without the need for an extra external RF receiver. The mouse can be used as a wireless presentation remote control. It features standard presentation controls, allowing you to change slides and adjust volume. It even includes a laser pointer, allowing you to highlight specific details on the screen during a presentation. It even features a battery LED to let you know when you need to replace the batteries. The mouse features laser tracking for the ultimate in precision.

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