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Download Driver Touchpad Asus X441s Windows 7 Install Update

Anyways, I updated my laptop from windows 8 to windows I would log onto the laptop and my touchpad would work for like a minute. Then all of a sudden, it won't work.

I am also having the same problem with my Asus after I updated to Windows I can use the mouse with an external mouse, but not the touch pad. I tried utilizing the advice you posted. However, there is no Elan option all the way to the right. All it says is hardware, then when I click on the hardware the disable option for the mouse pad is gray and I am not able to click on it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this? It would be greatly appreciated! Can move cursor but cant open anything. Tried an external mouse but still nothing.

Just upgraded to Windows 10 about a month ago. It's an Asus xc notebook. Any body for any ideas please. I've been fine with the new Windows 10 update for so long and until last night but this morning my touchpad isn't working.

I don't know what's wrong with it but I really want it to work again. I love my laptop!!! I have used this source to resolve the issue: I have a similar issue.

Each time my computer updates as I use my computer the touch pad stops working completely once or the scroll feature stops. Restarting has worked for the many times the scroll feature failed and an external mouse worked after a restart. Still at a loss as to why. Sometime, it is only driver. Download driver and setup win dow update, especially, window 10 make driver error. When the computer restarts, it will automatically update the mouse pad and should work fine.

Hey guys, I had a similar issue after the most recent update; it appears my mouse driver adopted and stuck with the settings of my USB mouse even when I unplugged it. I told it to update again, and found a box with the different trackpad drivers and reselected the ASUS mouse one. It then asked me to restart the computer, and voila! The trackpad works once more.

It would have been nice to know all these quirks about the computer before getting it though, ASUS Hi, Im seeking for an answer too regarding a "not totally working fine" touchpad. I can point my mouse, left click, right click, but the gestures isn't working like double finger touch to scroll screen up and down, and the Disable Shortcut which is F9 is no longer working too. Anyone who has the same issue? Use the link in the chosen solution below to get the latest drivers.

Hi my laptop can't use the mousepad, the click look lack and moving very slowly. I can't click to any file.. After using mouse for a while, touchpad doesn't click anymore when I tap on it!!!

Once I reboot the laptop, it is fine. Also do not update any other drivers from this link as yet. Fix one problem at a time. If you aren't having any other hardware problems leave it alone as you may complicate things by doing too many at once.

If it ain't broke don't fix it! I am not sure what happened. I go to settings it say it is working fine but it does not move cursor at all. Not sure if this is going to help anyone but I was having the same issues. I don't know how or why it happened but I went into device manager and then down to "mouse and other pointers".

I right clicked and selected properties and noticed that in the details tab the description was something random that I don't remember exactly but I changed the description to mouse and all went back to normal.

I had tried downloading all the stuff mentioned and all that other stuff with no success. So make sure it says mouse before going through all the hassles. The touchpad may be diassabled in BIOS, go to bios make it enable. But this Windows 10 touchpad troubleshooting tutorial helped me:.

How do you navigate to those links to fix the cursor problem if the cursor on the touchpad and mouse aren't working? I am frozen here.

Weirdly enough, the solution that worked for me was to uninstall the asus smart gesture driver! If it still doesnt work after that, it may be a hardware problem with the wire connecting your mousepad to your motherboard.

I actually have a Lenovo ideapad S. My cat jumped onto my keyboard and I lost my trackpad. I had to hook up a mouse to continue. This advice really helped me, though I have absolutely no idea how my cat disabled my trackpad by traipsing across the keyboard. I have Windows 10 and everthing has been working until now.

I cannot get my mouse to work. It is very frustating. Thank you very much for giving this matter your prompy attention. January 31 by Anne-Marie Guarini. February 7 by Jane Belle. My laptop has had this issue for about 6 months now. I bought it brand new at best buy, have had it serviced multiple times but the same issues keeps reoccurring.

I have gotten the drivers reinstalled several times along with replacing my touchpad and all the wiring, I am currently out of ideas on how to fix this problem. February 13 by Kirstyn Williams. If reinstalling the Smart Gesture drivers doesn't fix it for you try it one more time, but this time install the ATK package drivers as well as the Smart Gesture drivers -install the ATK Package drivers FIRST before the Smart Gesture - see link below in Chosen Answer for latest Asus drivers then if the laptop is less than 12 months old, consult the manufacturer's warranty statement that came with the laptop, usually found in the User Guide, as to what you have to do to get a warranty replacement as obviously there is something wrong with it.

You should not have to continually keep "repairing" it by software re-installation. February 14 by jayeff. February 17 by Nurjazliza mohamad. May 4 by lovegirl June 13 by Today Tech Tips. July 11 by Jerry Matt.

July 27 by Nicole Char. July 28 by vk2dw. October 24 by hellcranktut. Show 52 more comments. Here are the most up to date Asus drivers. These solve a lot of the problems which occur between Asus laptops and Win10, especially trackpad problems.

Got this from an asus support tech by phone-no more problems! I downloaded the Smart gesture update, however am unable to install it. It keeps reporting back the same error message: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Did you follow the directions and install the ATK Package drivers first before installing the Smart gesture drivers as directed by Asus?

I should have realized that your drivers will always be OK. I always recommend your site to people to get their Asus drivers. If you know the manufacturer and they provide drivers like Realtek , that would be a reliable source too.

Thanks so much guys: I thought my laptop was too screwed up to ever work right again! That one download fixed all my problems or so it seems, so far. Even my headphone jack works now! My laptop's been upgraded to windows 10 since we buy it,and now shes not working. February 12 by Babe Yamongan.

Download Driver Touchpad Asus X441s Windows 7

Download Asus A555L Drivers Windows 10 64bit

Saya pake win 8. Install Win 10 Bit aja.. Driver asus bawaanny support windows 10 pro bit. Apple iphone 6S GB Rp. Lenovo Vibe K4 Note Rp. Saya paling menghindari laptop dengan processor celeron N seris kayak n, n, n, n,,tu processor lemah bgt, masih lebih lambat dari processor core 2 duo keluaran sekalipun.. Spek but Windows XP dipaksa suruh pasang windows 10, wakkaka.

Touchpad scrolling doesnt work on windows 8.1 (ASUS R510C)

Download Driver Touchpad Asus X441s Windows 7

I'm not sure about windows 10, however you can try to install windows 7 drivers for windows Untuk camcoder, dapatkan hardware ID untuk camcoder tersebut untuk kenalpasti driver yang diperlukan. Then put it back on your lappy. Disable secure boot, and fast startup. With that done, you can proceed with windows XP installation. Why my Asus xm anter install smart gesture my keyboard dont input. Right click on Windows Icon on bottom left corner and select device manager. Look for keyboard, right click and select uninstall, right click again anywhere and select scan for hadware change and continue with new keyboard installation wizard. I've just installed 64bit Windows 7 Professional - I had some trouble with some of these drivers. The LAN driver that worked for me was the second one listed at this link:

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