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Acer Aspire P3 Keyboard Driver Download Install Update

Windows alongside decent computing power packed in a quality aluminum tablet featuring a colorful and bright IPS screen. A keyboard-case combination is also included. For the original German review, see here. After all, it is the same device from the outside and technically for the most part. It is a matter of course that a protective case with integrated chiclet keyboard is again included.

Find out which qualities the slimmed down IPS screen features in our in-depth review. Both CPUs have 2 x 1. Are there serious points of criticism? The base of the latter consists of a kind of aluminum tray that encloses the innards and the screen. The anodized, matte finish prevents fingerprints and it has a non-slip feel.

The screen's pane only yields under high force. The finish does not seem particularly resistant. It fits securely and recesses ensure air circulation. We took the following measurements with the keyboard case because it is basically a bundle. Users will unlikely remove the P3 from the case very often since the keyboard mode will be used most of the time. Besides that, taking it out requires using the fingernails to an extent.

Other positions are not possible. The screen rotates when held upside down but the tablet falls over. We are dealing with hard plastic in the present Aspire P3.

The interfaces are no big surprise. They are the same as in the W but with a slightly different distribution. We criticized the lack of a second USB port and omitted card reader in the sister model.

The tablet is not so thin that the omission could be justified. Users will have to look at unwieldy cables when an external TFT is connected. Heavy plugs and adapters also pull precariously at the small ports that could break after a certain time. The P3 does not offer anything similar to the rotation lock switch found on the W top left, by the air outlets. That should rarely be needed but when the network is overloaded by many users, it is possible to fall back on it.

We ascertained its range in a quick check in four positions in our office environment. Some laptop contenders also fail at this distance, but many still have a weak connection.

The former is recharged via the USB 3. Regrettably, the device only features one USB port and is thus occupied when recharging the keyboard. However, a second recharge was not necessary during our test phase. The user needs this unique cable due to a special, particularly flat USB used on the keyboard.

The user does not need an optical drive for recovering the default settings. A hidden recovery partition with this data is on the SSD. The default settings can be restored via Windows PC settings. Acer installs Social Jogger that unites the four major social networks in one view , Skype and proprietary webcam software so that the user can start communicating right away.

Colors look natural but surfaces are very blurry. Its assets are a viable focus, detailed contours even small details in the lawn and natural colors. Acer however omits a flash. The Bluetooth keyboard case is a handy gadget because the user always has a keyboard with real feedback at hand. That is the theory. This repeatedly leads to omitted characters.

The surface only bends under high force when the device is placed on the lap and free space is created under the keyboard. We found the layout with its big keys, the wide enter and delete beside the arrow keys pleasant. The function keys are highlighted in blue as is common for Acer's devices.

It would be suitable for longer texts after some accommodation. We quickly got used to highlighting words with our finger or moving the cursor while we continued typing on the keys. There is no virtual keyboard that obstructs the view. Acer does not offer an alternative resolution. Beyond that, the IPS screen's good qualities have been maintained.

The illumination is very good despite the high brightness: The contrast is surprising. This lets colors look very crisp and fresh. The screen is far from covering either space. We performed a color analysis using the i1 Pro 2 spectrophotometer and CalMAN 5 software before calibrating. They both recorded good qualities in grayscale reproduction.

Particularly the center hues are far below a DeltaE of 3. The screen does not have a bluish cast like so many laptops from this and higher price ranges. The screen's saturation shows that blue and cyan clearly deviate from the target spectrum of DeltaE 10 and The W exhibited exactly the same deviation. We exposed the ambient light sensor with a lamp to ascertain the maximum brightness. Thus, the screen is set to maximum brightness is bright sunlight.

Users will be prevented from using the full brightness indoors because the sensor determines the upper limit. The viewing angle stability is a typical asset of IPS screens and this one is no exception.

Like good smartphones, we can look at the screen from slanted positions. Contours stay defined and colors do not fade. The picture first fades at very acute angles of almost 90 degrees.

The W has the same quality. The lack of Turbo Boost but present hyperthreading that processes four threads at the same time is typical for the i3. Since we do not have a comparison device with the same CPU, we can only guess and say no due to the good performance scores.

It cannot be expanded since there is no SD card slot. Both CPUs clock with 2x 1. It also sports a newer version of the integrated graphics HD We reviewed the expensive iU version 1.

This difference is similar in other CPU benchmarks approx. The default clock of 1. The scores in all R Thus, Windows users are on the safe side with the Core i3. The system benchmarks benefit from the high system storage score and HDD score. The subjective work speed convinces us. The tablet boots in no time from a cold start and programs open swiftly. The details of the SSD assessment reveal its strengths as well as its few weaknesses. We have to note that Acer could change to another SSD model without warning so this swift model is not guaranteed.

The 3D benchmarks roughly show the same picture: Is playing games possible on the P3? A clear no, because the action is very jerky. The noise of Medium load, like in 3DMark , only resulted in 34 dB A. One opening in the casing takes in cooling air and another discharges the waste heat. We measured the P3's waste heat while it was in its cover since this will likely be the usual scenario. The processor is probably located here. As soon as FurMark was stopped, the clock again climbed to its standard clock of 1.

The processor does not feature Turbo. The small stereo speakers are located on the tablets lower edge. They discharge the sound toward the keyboard in keyboard mode. That is intentional because a bit of volume is lost when the sound does not reflect on the surface and the sound gets thinner, e.

We noticed a light scratching at maximum volume. There is no audible bass due to the lack of a sound box.

Acer Aspire P3 Keyboard Driver Download

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Bluetooth stopped working on Acer Aspire P3 after a windows 8. I was using windows 8 on this device and everything was worked exceptionally well there. After the release of windows 8. However, my bluetooth had stopped working.

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Acer Aspire P3 Keyboard Driver Download

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